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ISP Warehouse started in 2009 as a division of R-Technologies after a need was discovered for a professional Internet Services Provider (ISP) that was able to provide more than just the normal Internet Services like hosting, web design and emails. ISP Warehouse as a software solutions company strive to provide with the latest web development solutions in the information technology era. We strive to provide any solution a client might require with the latest technology at a fraction of the cost and tier traditional development technologies can provide. With 22 years background in the IT and business sectors ISP Warehouse are proving this vision to be unique to our clients.

Our current services include design of websites with content Management Services (CMS), built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Off-shore document and backup management services and Mobile WEB solutions.

Our website designs focus on the next generation with interactive control and flash modules, moving away from words with static pictures to a more visually stimulating active design. We realize that business people don’t have the time to read pages of information regarding your business, therefore we focus on the aesthetically pleasing and psycho-social aspects of the design. In other words, pictures and sound will provide an immediate realization of your services and solutions, only providing more information after the curiosity has been aroused.

We are one of a few companies to provide these solutions in this fashion. As a crucial part of our customer support we provide an account management service at no additional cost.

We believe in the future of cloud computing and being able to help clients to have a window on the world wide web and generate a more successful business for themselves and make it simple for their customers to do business with them.

We have also successfully developed various software solutions for Laboratories LABMIN. Education LEARNMIN, Health & Safety Audit Solutions with Online and Mobile Applications. Running in conjunction with the back end database. This gives our clients more freedom to focus on service making their business operations a lot easier with reporting available at a touch of a button.

No masterpiece was created by a lazy artist.

~ Salvadore Dali